Barley Bread: A hearty, crusty loaf. [meatless] [dairyless]

Broccoli Cheese: A pleasant mix of broccoli, sharp cheddar, wholemeal toast, and onions. An ideal vegetarian entrée. [meatless]

Caws Pobi, Caws Pobi: Take away their Rarebit, and the Welsh would starve to death in days! Hot buttered barley toast or ‘English’ Muffins, sizzling with a cheese sauce made the traditional way...with real ale. Served all day long. [meatless]

Chestnut Stuffing Stuffing like your great grandmother would make, back when the American Chestnut towered in the East, and the forest floor was abound with sweet, massive, and plentiful mast.

Cucumber Salad: A quick and surprisingly savory salad for any season. [meatless] [dairyless] [glutenfree]

Flavoured Butters: Honey Butter, Orange Butter, Rum Butter, Garlic Butter. For your bread, your toast, your scones or cake, or even to dollop in your tea. [meatless] [glutenfree]

Each: Armenian cracked wheat Taboulleh salad with juicy tomatoes and other fresh vegies. Serve as an appetizer, a side salad, or a vegetarian main course. [meatless] [dairyless]

French Bread: Another crusty loaf, based on a 17th century recipe. [meatless] [dairyless]

Insalata con uva: A cheery Italian salad with spicy greens, sweet grapes, and pistachios. [meatless] [glutenfree] [dairyless]

Jansson’s Temptation: A warm, creamy potato gratin, perfect for a snowy evening’s snacking.

Lahmajoun: An Armenian specialty of soft, thin rounds of dough topped with chopped vegetables and roast lamb, sometimes debased as Armenian Pizza[dairyless]

Obatzda The beer garden classic: a creamy, spicy cheese spread for your pretzels or Semmeln[meatless] [glutenfree]

New!Potato Filling with Dark Beer Mushroom Gravy: A traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Filling accompanied by a wonderfully rich gravy made of mushrooms and dark beer. [meatless]

Potted Meat: Old-style ham salad. Medieval SPAM®.

Potted Stilton: A dishname cheese spread for bread or crackers. [meatless] [glutenfree]

A Quartet of Sauces for Grilling: A potent homemade tomato and hot pepper barbecue sauce; a rich, dark barbecue glaze for beef or chicken; a cool, creamy, tangy sauce for lamb or beef; and Chimichurri, a sharp green garlic sauce from Argentina for beef or a quick grilled garlic bread.

Reiberdatschi: Authentic Bavarian potato pancakes. [meatless]

Ryebread: A moist crusty rye, terrific with butter, Brie, mushroom Camembert, or cheesespread[meatless] [dairyless]

Roast Chestnuts: Straight from the hearthside. [meatless] [dairyless] [glutenfree]

Soda Bread A suprisingly rich Irish soda bread made with the best stoneground wholewheat flour. [meatless]

New! Sol Eyes Spicy pickled eggs. No additional deviling needed.  [dairyless]

Späztle: Handmade egg noodles in the authentic Bavarian style. [dairyless]

Trenchers: Edible serving platters, handbaked. [meatless] [dairyless]

Watermelon Salad: The perfect salad for summer! Sweet and cold, tangy and salty. This will amaze you. [meatless] [glutenfree]

Weißkrautsalat: Practically the national dish of Bavaria. [dairyless] [glutenfree]

White Bean Soup: An almond-flavoured, honey-sweetened bean soup based on a recipe from the fourteenth century. [meatless]