Potted Stilton

makes approximately 30 servings

16 oz Stilton cheese
4 oz butter
pinch of salt
pinch of mace
4 Tablespoons Port
4 oz clarified butter (opt)


Mash the cheese with the butter, softened with the wine (a food processor works wonders here). Season to taste. Press into a small pot or serving dish. If you plan to keep it for a while, top with clarified butter.


Every cook has his own preferences for potting cheese. Is it equal parts each of butter and cheese and sherry? Stilton? Gorgonzola? Roquefort? Double Gloucester? Do you season with dry mustard or prepared? Cayenne? Vinegar? Chopped chives? Pepper? Doesn't Stilton prefer port to sherry? Leave us out of this argument: spin your leftover cheeses with wine and spices to taste. You want to join the fray, start with Grigson's survey, but she seems convinced that you no matter what mixture you concoct, as long as you always remember to “keep tasting, then add alcohol and seasoning accordingly,” you won't go wrong.

First served: Imbolc 1995
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