African Peanut Soup: Peanuts, potatoes, and red pepper in chicken soup?? A dish from East Africa. [glutenfree]

Ali’s Pockets: Not all of the Moneychanger’s treasures were pecuniary. This Moroccan turkey salad, served in a pita shell, is a delight of his Frankish wives. [dairyless]

Bruschetta: Garlic toast turned into a mouth-watering meal with chunks of juicy fresh tomato, buffalo mozzarella, and crisp garden herbs. Available with or without savory grilled chicken.

Cornish Pasties: Huge hand-made pastries, brimming with meat. Your choice of beef, chicken, or Priddy Oggy[dairyless]

Curried Chicken Salad: A crisp chicken salad with just the right bite. [glutenfree]

Dublin Coddle: Typical Dublin luncheon fare: plump fresh sausages simmered slowly with potatoes and meaty bacon. [dairyless][glutenfree]

Fish and Chips: Batter-dipped fish with steamy French fried potatoes. Served with a side of spinach with hot bacon dressing. Or, Basic Lard Cookery: Lesson one[dairyless]

Mulligatawny Soup: A fiery chicken soup from the days of the Raj. [dairyless][glutenfree]

Pickled Herring: A simple but exquisite appetizer of pickled herring with dill on squares of whole grain ryebread. [dairyless]

Ploughman’s Lunch: A lighter repast of fresh bread, sharp cheddar, pickled onion and a hard-cooked egg.[meatless]

Potato Soup: A delightful soup, thick with potatoes, spinach, milk, light sausage, and topped with freshly grated Parmesan. Good for any season. [glutenfree]

Pumpkin Ginger Soup: Everybody loves our falltime pumpkin soup, made with locally grown heirloom pumpkins. [meatless][glutenfree]

Solomon Grundy: A colourful salad of many tastes and textures. A delightful mix that’s crisp and green, meaty and filling, and sweet and tangy. An ideal brunch. [dairyless][glutenfree]

Salad Pen y Bont: A modern Welsh salad of fresh mixed greens, cracked wheat, Brie, and cheddar. An excellent vegetarian entré. [meatless]

Pastai Pen y Bont: Not really a pasta salad, despite the name, but a baked version of the salad above for cold season serving. [meatless]

Tarten Afal â Pwdin Gwaed: An apple quiche dotted with chunks of black sausage.

Three Panini: Your choice of three different freshly grilled Panini. Choose from a traditional basil, tomato, Provolone, and meat panino or a vegetarian sandwich of marinated portobellos with roasted red pepper, sprouts and fontina, or try our modern Californian version with turkey, bacon, guacamole and a touch of sweet peach!

Turkey Tonnato: An easy-to-make variation on the traditional Italian Vitello Tonnato where we substitute poached turkey breast for the veal. The pairing of a light meat with a tuna-mayonnaise sauce is simply astonishing. [dairyless][glutenfree]