Glamorgan Sausages

Makes 4 servings (serving a crowd?)

5 oz breadcrumbs (about 1¾ cup)
¾ cup finely chopped leek (about 3 oz)
4 ounces Cheddar, grated (about 1¾ cups)
1 Tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
pinch each of salt, pepper, and dry mustard
3 eggs
¼ cup milk, as needed
2 Tablespoons flour
3 Tablespoons vegetable oil for frying
extra breadcrumbs for coating (perhaps an ounce)

Special equipment



Mix together the breadcrumbs, leek, cheese, parsley, and seasoning. Beat together two of the eggs and the yolk of the third. Combine with the breadcrumb mixture, and form into 12 sausage links. Add milk if necessary to help moisten the mixture; it'll depend on the volume of your eggs and the humidity of your breadcrumbs. Roll the sausages in the flour. Whip the remaining eggwhite till frothy, and then roll the sausages in the egg white before the final coat of breadcrumbs. Chill.

Fry in the oil until golden brown on all sides.


These ‘sausages’ are named for the Glamorgan cheese with which they used to be made, but the cheese is no longer produced, so Caerphilly is the usual substitute. We poor Americans use Cheddar.

You may want to substitute spring onions for the leeks.


If you cook them in vegetable oil, the sausages qualify as a vegetarian dish, but they won't be quite as tasty as the traditional form, fried in lard.

Make yourself a hearty British breakfast by frying ups lots of streaky bacon, then using the fat to fry scrambled eggs, Glamorgan sausages, and slices of red tomato.

First served: Beltane 1993
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