Makes 8 servings (serving a crowd?)

some cake (pound cake, angelfood cake, or lady fingers)
some pudding (usually vanilla)
some canned fruit (like peaches)
some jam (especially strawberry or raspberry)


Slice the cake into individual servings and spread with jam. Lop on the pudding and fruit. Serve.

As incredible as it may sound, that's all it takes. It's not the sort of thing you measure (whence the name, no doubt).


We like this best with pound cake, but have served it with angelfood and other cakes. Whatever's available.

Sure, you could enhance it with a dash of sherry as some recommend, but we never have. Never needed to. Couple of jiggers of kirschwasser alá Gooseberry Fool is tempting though.

Yes, as unbelievable as it sounds, patrons will really eat the leftovers for breakfast. Consistently. In fact, they demand it. You might want to make sure you have enough left over for just that purpose.

First served: Beltane 1992
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