Makes a single serving (serving a crowd?)

an ample scoop of, preferably lemon, sherbet
a drizzle of framboise or other raspberry liqueur

Special equipment

An ice cream scoop


Scoop, drizzle, serve.


What's the big deal? We wanted something light, something summery, something sweet, something fun. You want period, I'm sure we can whip you up a nice bowl of cold oatmeal (and only if you're real nice, we'll add some honey).

But seriously, folks. Sure, Ginger Ice sounds like fun, but who's got the time to make ice cream from scratch? So it's off to the Winn-Dixie (and the Food Lion, and the Kroger, and the Bi-Lo...) to astound the clerks by buying out all their lemon sherbet. And if they run out, well then, damn, we'll haveta sub vanilla ice cream instead.

First served: Samhain 1994
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Last modified: © October 1994