An Eton Mess

6 servings (serving a crowd?)

1½ lb fresh strawberries, topped and halved
2 packages instant vanilla pudding
4 cups of milk
a handful of meringues
4 oz kirschwasser

Special equipment

egg beater or whisk for whipping pudding
serving bowl


In a large bowl, whip pudding in the milk and let it rest until firm. Fold in the fruit, crushed meringues and the kirsch. Serve.


An Eton Mess is served at the prize-day picnic held at Eton on the fourth of June, except that they use sweet cream in place of our custard. We had tried combining a Gooseberry Fool with an Eton Mess one Imbolc, but were none too fond of the canned gooseberries. So next time we decided not to fiddle with Garmey's recipe. Our ad hoc pâtisseur was so impressed he couldn't wait until presentation to get his share. Of course, it's the kirschwasser that's the secret touch, but crunchy meringues which dissolve the instant you put them in your mouth are a pleasant surprise.

First served: Beltane 1995
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Last modified: © March 1995